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When assessed in a testing environment DOE belts achieved higher performance results than other belts on the market:

51% longer belt life

78% higher break threshold

17% higher breaking strength


The D.O.E. ranges are suitable for Retailer’s requiring OE. Quality and Reliability. This will ensure confidence of fitment by Workshops and Consumers. All Source Factories have been carefully researched to ensure they are currently supplying OE. Parts to Market Leading Car Manufacturers. The D.O.E Fan, Multi Groove and Timing Belts are from ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 Accredited Facilities. All other parts are sourced from ISO9001 accredited factories.


D.O.E. Cogged fan belts – conform to O.E. Auto specification JASO E – 107 – 88 / DIN 7753 and SAE J636 which specifies the use of Chloroprene rubber which has the required resistance to heat and ozone generated by modern engines. All belts are static conductive and low stretch with a maximum of 2.5% under full load. The specially moulded cogs allow for cooler performance and improved grip around the pulleys.

Length Tolerances – Shorter belts will have a tolerance of ±4 to 5mm and longer belts ±6 to 7mm therefore you can use belts close to what manufacturers specify. For example: specify 885mm can utilize between 880mm and 890mm length belts.


D.O.E. Multi Groove Belts – conform to O.E. Auto specification JASO – E -109 -94 / SAE J1459, RMA IP26 which requires the use of heat, ozone and oil resistant compounds. Most engines utilize multi-groove pulleys, with smaller engines usually using shorter 4PK belts with two or three belts per engine, and bigger engines utilize the wider 5PK to 8PK belts and use longer lengths to run alternator, water pump, air conditioner and power steering, in one configuration, with tensioners and jockey pulleys. Before removing a belt used in a serpent application, copy the way it is threaded to avoid the belt being incorrectly fitted.

Tensioning of Multi Groove belts is critical, as an under tensioned belt will generate excessive heat and result in early belt failure. Over tensioning will result in early bearing failure. The following is the recommended tension per rib, 3PK to 12PK belts 12 –14kg per rib at installation and 9 – 10kg per rib once operational.

Length Tolerances – Shorter belts will have a tolerance of ±4 to 5mm and longer belts ±6 to 7mm therefore you can use belts close to what manufacturers specify. For example: specify 885mm can utilize between 880mm and 890mm length belts.


D.O.E Timing Belts are manufactured to original equipment standards and are manufactured from a heat resistant chloroprene rubber compound. D.O.E Timing belts come with a 50 000km guarantee* (T&C Apply)


A properly tensioned belt ensures smooth operation of a vehicle and extends the service life of the associated components. Remember that incorrectly tensioned belts can cause problems such as noise, vibration and overheating.

Inspecting the Fan Belt

Look out for signs of cracking, fraying, splitting or a visible hard glazed surface or alternatively ask your trusted mechanic for assistance.

Once an inspection has been complete and problems are detected, replace the fan belt with a new fan belt according to manufacturers specifications.

. A new belt will settle-in and stretch a little, so the tension should be checked again after 200 kilometres.

DOE fan belts are specifically designed to suit all car models and will fit correctly to the car manufacturer specifications.


Multi-Groove belts are made up of 3 to 8 V-shapes, which provides  a bigger drive surface than a a V belt. This feature makes it more flexible, allowing a single belt to drive all the associated components including the alternator, air conditioner compressor ,power steering pump and water pump.

The ability to bend allows the belt to take an intricate path thus assisting the design of a compact engine layout. The entire belt may be tensioned by a single idler pulley.

4PK490 multiV


A timing belt needs to drive the camshaft crankshaft and timing components in your engine .

DOE timing belts are made from a durable, heat resistant rubber compounds and high strength tensile members and jackets, designed to last service distances. DOE TIMING BELTS ARE BACKED BY A 50 000 KM MANUFACTURERS GUARANTEE.