DOE Quality Parts | Cylinders for Safety and Replacement Efficiency
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Cylinders for Safety and Replacement Efficiency

South Africans aren’t the best drivers in the world and accident statistics aside, one only need look at the rapidity of clutch and brake failure to realise the degree of negligence with regards to the concept of ‘vehicle empathy’. The undue driving practices of ‘riding the clutch’ and ‘harsh braking’ have however led to high demand for replacement clutch and brake cylinders, a situation Argus Motor Company is well positioned to address.

With a comprehensive range of replacement clutch master and slave cylinders, drum brake master cylinders and wheel cylinders, the DOE brand from Argus Motor Company has a hydraulic solution for cars and light commercial vehicles from the 1970s to the present.

Every DOE cylinder complies with local and international quality specifications, with DOE clutch master and slave cylinders marked with a part number and a brand marking. DOE brake cylinders are marked with a part number for traceability, as are DOE brake cylinder rubbers, making them NCRS compliant.

DOE brake cylinders are ISO certified and made from steel using matched components. These integrated units save servicing time and labour costs through a simple ‘bolt off, bolt on, then bleed’ replacement procedure.

The latest range of DOE master/slave clutch cylinders are made using reinforced plastic, making them tougher and more corrosion-resistant than metal counterparts.

In safety-critical items like brakes and clutches, accountability is paramount. DOE cylinders give you peace-of-mind through certified quality, smart design and cost effectiveness. In short, more value for you and your customers.

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