DOE Quality Parts | Fan blades
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DOE Fan Blades Are Manufactured To OEM Standard.

When quality and integrity matter most.

A third of the heat produced by your car engine is eliminated by the cooling system; a remarkable feat that prevents overheating. One of the primary components of the cooling system is the radiator fan. Its purpose is to move air across the radiator.and it operates in conjunction with the fan motor, and fan shroud.

Car fans can have four blades but some fans may have as many as 11 blades. The fan is driven by an electric motor or through the vicious coupling connected to the car engine.

Invest In High Quality Fan Blades

Fan blades endure hot temperatures and Ozone in car engine compartments. Low quality fan blades are more likely to crack and warp due to high heat. DOE fan blades perform to original equipment standard.

When should you replace your fan blades?

Fan blades should be inspected at every maintenance service for damage.

Fan blades on vehicles used off-road can be damaged by impact from foreign objects such as stones or water, and should be inspected for damage more frequently.

You should also inspect your fan blades whenever the cooling system undergoes any kind of maintenance.