DOE Quality Parts | FAQs
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What does D.O.E stand for?

D.O.E stands for Definitely Original Equipment which is the essence of the brand; to provide a top quality OE standard.

Is there a guarantee on the products?

Yes, all D.O.E products carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty, however they do need to have been fitted in the correct manner. Click here for more details

Where are D.O.E products sold?

D.O.E products are available from all leading Spare Shops. Click here or contact us to find the closest distributer to you.

I am a Spare Shop, how do I go about stocking D.O.E products?

Click here and fill in the form. One of our distributers will be in contact regarding selling our products.

Do you sell directly to the public?

No. D.O.E is a brand and it is distributed by various companies in both the wholesale and retail market.

What is the benefit of using D.O.E products over other brands on the market?

D.O.E products are O.E quality, which means that they are the same quality as the original part that the vehicle was manufactured with. In many instances the products are actually made in the same factory as the original part, but are just branded differently.