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DOE Globes Are Manufactured to Original Equipment Standard.

When quality and integrity matter most.

Good lighting is essential for safe driving, at night and in poor wet weather. If your lights are not working you will not be able to see or be seen by others on the road.

Lighting technology has become more modern many modern cars are now fitted with LED lights (light emitting diode). LED lights assure consumers of a lifetime warranty. Other lighting options are Incandescent, Halogen and Xenon HID.

Before Changing The Car Globes

Find out what kind of globes are in your car. Check your vehicle’s manual for this information. or ask your trusted mechanic for assistance. Cars utilise different kinds of globes. Always use the correct volt and watt rated globe recommended by the manufacturer.

Cheap bulbs can cause your lights to blow prematurely and cause damage to the electrical system. Use high quality globes, they will save you money and inconvenience in the long run.

How to Change Your Car Globes

You need to check regularly if all your lights are working properly

How to Change a Headlight Halogen Globe

At the back of the headlight there is a globe holder. It has three wires coming out of a plug that is shaped like a trapezoid.

Remove the plug. The wires are attached to the plug at the base of the headlight.The plug will be held by a metal clip or screw cap. Never pull on the wires.

Remove the old globe – getting the wiring out of the way will help. Some globes have to be rotated gently to be loosened.

Once you have removed the old globe insert the new one and assemble the parts in reverse sequence.

Alternatively, ask your motor mechanic for assistance.