DOE Quality Parts | Radiator Hoses
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DOE Radiator Hoses Are Manufactured to OEM Standard.

When quality and integrity matter most.

O.E Radiator Hoses meet or exceed the Recognized O.E. Specification SAEJ20R4. An EPDM compound is used for D.O.E Radiator Hoses which can withstand the High Temperatures and Ozone Build-Up in modern engine compartments.

Even though most car manufacturers do not stipulate mileage or a time period, radiator hoses must be inspected on a regular basis. Your radiator hose should be secured with a high quality clamp for optimal sealing.


The effiency of your cooling system and radiator hoses depends very much on good coolant maintenance. If the coolant is not renewed according to manufacturer specifications your cooling system and radiator hose lifespan will be shorter. If the coolant concentration is depleted corrosion scale and rust will corrode the cooling system.

When Should You Replace A Radiator Hose?

We recommend you replace a radiator hose immediately if it feels soft or brittle. A radiator hose will make a cracking sound if it is degraded and squeezedRadiator hoseswill also degrade if contaminated by leaking engine oil.

Always follow an effective maintenance schedule a neglected radiator hose may lead to problems with the cooling and heating system of the car which could cause severe engine damage and a potential breakdown.

Our DOE hoses are designed to suit all specifications and applications.