DOE Quality Parts | The Confidence of Certified Quality
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The Confidence of Certified Quality

South Africa’s automotive industry has come a long way since 1994, to a point where it is now an integral player in the global supply and trade of automotive products, both Original Equipment [aka OEM] and aftermarket components to international markets.

Established in 1955, Argus Motor Company has pioneered the way automotive aftermarket products are sourced, stocked and supplied to spares shops, workshops and end-users in sub-equatorial Africa, procuring premium-quality parts from around the world that not only meet international quality, safety and longevity specifications, but also come to market at competitive prices.

The DOE range of parts is an Argus Motor Company house brand, one that exemplifies the organisation’s ethos of using the entire world as a source for “the right quality part at the right price.”

DOE stands for ‘Definite Original Equipment’, an acronym that serves to underscore the exacting quality of every product bearing the DOE brand.

The understanding that “no workshop wants comebacks” is the prime motivator of the DOE product range, making sure that product safety, quality and peace-of-mind are part of the buying process, for Argus Motor Company and its customers, be they spares shops, workshops or private motorists.

For well over a decade, the DOE brand from Argus Motor Company has consolidated its reputation as a trusted source of replacement parts, equivalent in quality to OEM components, but costing far less.

The DOE range of aftermarket automotive parts has grown to include fanbelts, multi-groove belts, timing belts, hoses, electronic fuel pumps, brake and clutch cylinders and a range of switches.

Argus Motor Company customers can buy and fit DOE parts with full confidence, knowing that every DOE product comes from a quality-assured manufacturer (including ISO and LEM certification), committed, like Argus Motor Company, to continuous improvement.

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